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Local Countertop Marketing & Advertising.

Quality Countertop Marketing Advertising for fabricators.

When a channel partner dries up or you need to fill a void left when your main contractor chooses a new vendor we are the people to call. With little effort you can front end your business and go retail. Sure dealing directly with the customer has its new requirements but building a channel of revenue for your business that will not cripple your cash flow is essential to your businesses long term success. The retail customer pays you on your terms and when the job is done not 30,60, 90 days down the road.

We have 5 years of direct to consumer advertising and marketing experience with the countertop industry. Here are some of our stats:

Call us today and we will help you grow your business tomorrow.

Some of our current service offerings

These services can provide your company with instant marketability. In some case we already have traffic which is just waiting for you to consume. From website design and Local SEO to full blown sales marketing we have the solutions to meet your needs.
Granite Countertops Website Design

Granite Website System

  • Powerful brands for local rankings
  • HTML5 Responsive design - Works on mobile phones too ;)
  • All our great App's included
  • Starting at $199/month
  • >>> LAUNCH <<<<

Granite Directory

Fabricator Directories

  • List your granite fabrication business
  • Priority Placement Available
  • 100,000 page views per month exposure
  • 5 current directories
  • Starting at FREE
  • >>> LAUNCH <<<<

Granite Makeover

Granite Makeover

  • Instant Market Penetration
  • Powerful lead conversion tools
  • 5 years brand recognition
  • Unlimited Lead potential
  • Starting at $399/month
  • >>> Launch <<<

Remnant Stone

Remnant Stone

  • View Remnant Stone Needs By Location
  • No inventory to manage
  • No public contact information
  • Starting at FREE
  • >>> Launch <<<

Quartz Countertops Directory

Quartz Countertops Directory

  • coming soon
Quartz Makeover

Quartz Makeover

  • Coming Soon

Some of our Application Services

We have developed many applications that are standard in the package that we provide and we also provide them to you for use in your website's. Some application have free ad supported models while others will have a monthly or annual license fee. Contact Us for details.
Spark Lead management

Spark™ Lead Management System

  • All your leads in one place
  • Track lead closing ratio
  • Track ROI of advertising channels
  • Track sales personnel
  • >>> LAUNCH <<<
virtual kitchen designer

Virtual Kitchen Designer

  • Keep visitors on website
  • Provide design assistance
  • Save time in the slab yard
  • Increase time on site
  • Capture customers early in the buying process
  • >>> Launch <<<

virtual kitchen designer

Instant Countertop Estimator

  • Provide instant online estimates
  • Increase lead conversion by up to 300%
  • Answer critical buying decisions
  • Capture customers early in the buying process
  • >>> Launch <<<

Website Image Gallery

Interactive Image Gallery

  • Display full screen photos
  • Illustrate quality of craftsmanship
  • SEO optimized gallery format
  • >>> Launch <<<

Granite Countertop Search

Stone Color Search

  • Searchable Index of granite colors
  • Provide access to 1000's of stone colors
  • View all colors in kitchen designer
  • >>> Launch <<<

Local Countertop Website System

We have a content delivery system that helps us to make an impact on the search engine results very quickly. We we able to gain first page rankings for santa cruz granite countertop on yahoo in 2 weeks over 673,000 other website and keep that placement. here are some examples.
 Website html5 responsive design
 Website System
Local  Marketing Service
 Website html5 responsive design

We actually market your business - We present your values and your business objectives to the consumer. We ensure the the customer is educated on what you bring to the table with your virtual store front. We empower the user to interact wit the website and provide answers to questions they have. We shorten the sale for you by helping you provide powerful tools for increasing the opportunity for a sale.

Because we market your business in the local market and the customer is educated on your services all our Marketing and Advertising is exclusive to you. Depending on your budget we can offer exclusivity in market for all our services in the form of a partnership.

Marketing and Advertising your countertop business will be an ongoing effort. We establish our relationship with you based on a service model. We attach our efforts to sales goals and project the cost based on sales projections.

We track everything so you know exactly how much business we are bringing to the table. We will help you devise promotional strategies that will drive the appropriate customer to your front door. We have a proprietary tracking system that provides insight into your sales activity and lead generation in real time.

Call for details 877 877 1916

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7.703 Area Code... Countertops Call-In 1/29/2023 3:12:00 PMYESnono
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13.832 Area Code... Countertops Call-In 1/29/2023 1:56:00 PMYESnono
14.03304... Countertops SITE 1/29/2023 1:35:00 PMYESYESno
15.03304... Countertops SITE 1/29/2023 1:35:00 PMYESYESno
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20.414 Area Code... Countertops Call-In 1/29/2023 11:26:00 AMYESnono
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22.613 Area Code... Countertops Call-In 1/29/2023 11:11:00 AMYESnono
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30.313 Area Code... Countertops Call-In 1/29/2023 6:00:00 AMYESnono
31.+20 Area Code... Countertops Call-In 1/29/2023 5:22:00 AMYESnono
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40.703 Area Code... Countertops Call-In 1/28/2023 3:38:00 PMYESnono
41.... Countertops SITE 1/28/2023 3:04:00 PMYESYESno
42.... Countertops SITE 1/28/2023 2:24:00 PMYESYESno
43.... Countertops SITE 1/28/2023 2:24:00 PMYESYESno
44.... Countertops IN-DIS 1/28/2023 1:08:00 PMYESYESno
45.... Countertops RFQ 1/28/2023 1:08:00 PMYESYESno
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50.03230... Countertops Call-In 1/28/2023 10:50:00 AMYESYESno
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