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Local Countertop Marketing Solutions.

Since 2008 we have grown our countertop fabrication partners with direct to consumer advertising and marketing experience. Here are some of our stats: Over $20,000,000 per year in direct to consumer countertop sales for our partners Serviced over 1,000,000 Users on our website's Over 1000 First page ranking in the top 3 search engines

. 5 star reviews
" I have been with Fireups for over 10 yrs and he has provided top notch service.. always honest and doesn't bs " - George W.
Countertop Marketing


How we work.

Quality Countertop Customers!

We actually market YOUR business - We present your values and your business objectives to the consumer. We ensure the the customer is educated on what you bring to the table with your virtual store front. We empower the user to interact with the website and provide answers to questions they have. We shorten the sale for you by helping you provide powerful tools for increasing the opportunity for a sale.

Market Exclusivity!

Because we market your business in the local market and the customer is educated on your services all our Marketing and Advertising is exclusive to you. Depending on your budget we can offer exclusivity by market for all our services in the form of a partnership.

Professional Support!

Marketing and Advertising your countertop business will be an ongoing effort. We establish our relationship with you based on a service model. We attach our efforts to sales goals and project the cost based on sales projections.

CRM Lead Tracking!

We track everything so you know exactly how much business we are bringing to the table. We will help you devise promotional strategies that will drive the appropriate customer to your front door. We have a proprietary tracking system that provides insight into your sales activity and lead generation in real time.

New Custom Countertop Customers.

Custom countertop Marketing and advertising services powered By FireUps Local Countertop marketing since 2008! We focus on driving customers from to you through internet marketing based on our years of expereince and our understanding of local market situations. We evaluate your competition and deploy known strategies to tap your market. Here are some of the projects we have generated in the local area.
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Let's Grow your countertop business.

With our expertise in marketing to countertop customers you are assured to grow your business and have the controls that you need to exceed expectations.

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Countertop Marketing & Advertising Solutions.

Need a Website that will rank in your market?

We build websites that target specific local markets. We help you tap the "organic" or non paid listings in your local area!

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Want to rank and existing local countertop website?

With our infrastructure and content development direction we are able move your existing webstie up the ranks!

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Need to capture customers on your website?

We have tools to capture the customers attention and provide them reason to contact you.

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Want to drive more customers?

We know what it takes to drive customers that are ready to buy.

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Need to monitor and track sales activity?

By tracking all the calls and all the sales persons activities we can see conversion rates and address issues with the sales process.

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Countertop Conversion Tools.

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